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Proactive, Conscientious, Compassionate

About Lisa

Lisa Haines is well known in the Tarrant County courts.  She is respected by judges, attorneys (prosecutors and fellow defense attorneys), as well as her clients. Licensed 18 years, including 13 years as a Tarrant County prosecutor, Lisa brings extensive experience and highly beneficial insights to her criminal defense practice.  Whether it is seeking a dismissal, working out a beneficial plea bargain, or going to trial, Lisa’s focus is always on the best interests of her clients.  She handles shoplifting, tickets, DWI, occupational driver’s licenses, expunctions, probation revocations as well as family violence, aggravated assault and robbery, drug arrests, all the way up to murder.  The initial consultation is free, her rates are competitive, and she has payment plans.  Clients continually rate her as outstanding in her advocacy, knowledge and compassion for them.


Tarrant County DWI

In Texas, a guilty  plea on a DWI charge means a criminal conviction.  There is no deferred probation with a DWI in our state so understanding your legal rights is critical when you are charged with Driving While Intoxicated.  Lisa has 18 years experience analyzing and dissecting DWI police reports and the videos.  She zealously defends her clients from the moment of their arrest to the case’s final resolution.  She shares her expertise with her clients about their legal rights and options, and is available throughout the case to review the evidence and options for her clients.  She guides her clients through the three courts involved when a DWI arrest occurs:  administrative court (driver’s license suspension hearing), county court at law (occupational driver’s license) and the county criminal court (DWI case).  Additionally, Lisa explains the Department of Public Safety  (DPS) surcharges that accompany a DWI conviction.

Tarrant County Criminal Law

Lisa Haines works diligently to guide each client through the legal maze of a criminal charge.  Her reputation in the criminal courts of Tarrant County: proactive, thorough, zealous and a well-prepared advocate for every client.  She is well-versed in criminal law, rules of evidence and the science involved in criminal cases.  She has received advanced DNA training, extensive DWI education in challenging blood tests and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, cross examination strategies and admissibility of evidence in trial.  Lisa Haines has extensive trial experience in both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.  Recent felony trial results: Not Guilty Verdict Continuous Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child (25 yrs to life range of punishment); 12 years Tx Department of Corrections Aggravated Robbery Deadly Weapon (5 yrs to life range of punishment), Hung Jury on all counts Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child (5 yrs to life on 6 counts). Recent misdemeanor trial results: Not Guilty DWI Breath Test RefusalNot Guilty DWI 2nd.