At the Law Office of Lisa Haines, P.C., we believe a well-informed client makes better decisions about how to proceed. Lisa Haines will listen to you, fully explain your legal rights and options, and the consequences of each option. She has very reasonable attorney fees.

Lady JusticeWith 16 years experience in criminal law, Lisa Haines knows the judges and prosecutors well here in Tarrant County. Lisa has resolved housands of felony and misdemeanor cases over the years. She knows how the judicial system really works and uses that experience to protect your rights.

Lisa is proactive and aggressive in her representation of clients. She will push every prosecutor on every case to get the very best possible resolution for each client, whether it is a first degree felony murder or a shoplifting theft charge. She is well known in the legal community as a compassionate and dedicated attorney who zealously defends her clients. Lisa sharpens her trial skills and keeps up with changes in laws thru extensive continuing legal education (CLE). She has 40 hours of CLE in 2013. She obtained over 100 hours of CLE since July 2011, including a two day seminar on DWI defense in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Lisa will be with you personally through each step of the legal process.

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